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"Faith is not a good reason to believe in any one thing. It's a bad reason to believe in everything. Faith is not synonymous with any one idea; it is synonymous with any strongly held idea, true or not. But one thing faith is not synonymous with is a logically justified idea."

March 31, 2010

Theists Who Say They Don't Need to Justify Their Beliefs?

Yes, you do! Everyone is responsible for what they believe, why they believe it, and what they do with their beliefs! There are people out there who think they don't have to answer for their deeply held beliefs... We call them insane asylum patients. They have deeply held beliefs that they were asked to justify and they either did not or could not.
Not everyone in the asylum is there because they represented a threat to themselves or others. Some of them just couldn't justify the things they thought were true. What's the difference between a theist who cannot justify his belief and an insane man?... The theist's beliefs are based on a God and they're popular delusions. That's it. Unpopular delusions that aren't related to religion can get you put in shackles. Popular delusions based on the existence of a God get you a multi-million dollar TV station and millions of supporters willing to fund your insanity. If you believe something, no matter how simple, you must be willing and able to justify it! It doesn't mean you have to be able to prove you're right or that your position is the best. It just means you have to be able to show a reasonable justification for your position. Why is it that most people have no problem leaving their kids in the hands of a babysitter who believes in an invisible man in the sky, but would freak out if they learned the same baby sitter believed in Unicorns and Goblins?

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ella moore said...

I think you would really enjoy this article.
It shares a lot of the same ideas that you do.
Feel free to read and comment on other articles on under the heading, "Religion," or just explore as you wish.
Great job on your site, and your thoughts are dead-on!

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