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"Faith is not a good reason to believe in any one thing. It's a bad reason to believe in everything. Faith is not synonymous with any one idea; it is synonymous with any strongly held idea, true or not. But one thing faith is not synonymous with is a logically justified idea."

March 18, 2010

Gun Control

Perhaps I hold a bit of bias in this situation. I was an Infantry soldier for six long years. I've used guns in many ways, not all responsible. Despite my use of firearms and my training in firearms and tactics. I know there is a serious problem in America with gun related violence. Where does this issue come from? Is it just the presence of firearms that causes this? I doubt it. Canada has just as many firearm owners per city block as America. Is it just unregistered guns?
Nope. Registered guns are still used in firearm related violence in both America and Canada. Is it just those guns that are non-traceable? Nope. Shotguns are non-traceable, probably more than any other type of weapon, but still handguns are the most used weapon in crime. Is it just our kids? Perhaps. There are a number of really stupid kids out there that can't seem to figure out what's important in life. But this doesn't always transfer to gun violence. It attributes to all sorts of irresponsible behavior as well. What causes gun violence?...

Here's my stance. Guns are used in violent crimes because they're tactically efficient. They allow the aggressor to have range and lethal power with minimal training. And what do criminals usually lack? Training. Guns are used because there will always be violent crime, and violent criminals will always use what is most effective at achieving their goal. Guns fill this position nicely. How do we control this? I have a four step method to control...

1.) Registration of all firearms in all states: People think that registration is the first step towards having your rights taken away. In some countries that was true. Like Nazi Germany. But America doesn't have a long history in this. We register almost everything else we find harmful to society. Why not guns? They kill far more people than demolition explosives, poisons and vehicles combined. Why? Because those are registered!

2.) Traceable Weapons: Obviously, registration is not all we have to do. Otherwise, Chicago wouldn't have the crime stats it does. We need guns to be traceable. That way, when a weapon is used in violent crime then the round or the casing can be traced to a specific weapon. Then, thanks to registration, that owner can be questioned about the location of the weapon.

3.) Legal Documentation for ALL person to person weapon sales: Currently, in most states, there is no documentation required for selling personal weapons. I can sell my .45ACP custom 1911 to the 18 year old punk kid down the block if I want to, and the government doesn't have to know anything about it. I only need to check his ID to ensure that he's 18. I don't need to take down his name or driver's license number.

4.) Stop making useless and dumbass laws: There are currently in existence some gun laws that do not make guns safer, do not make it harder for bad guys to get guns, and do not make you sleep safer. These laws exist only to make gun ownership difficult and costly. That doesn't hurt criminals because they need guns and they'll either wait the required 30 days or buy an unmarked gun on the streets. The criminals already make enough money to pay the extreme taxes on gun ownership in those states. These laws only hinder good citizens from owning weapons that they would only use to protect themselves. Thus making the gun control argument more heat than light. This needs to stop. I'm a 6 year veteran of the US Army Infantry and I should not have to wait 30 days to purchase a firearm. I should be allowed to purchase it with the knowledge that I am currently not a felon and if I so choose to use this firearm for illegal purposes that I will be found with the new registration and tracking procedures. Did you know that in Texas you cannot buy a registered handgun from a gun store unless you're 21 and can pass a one hour criminal background check. However, an 18 year old can buy a 12G Shotgun from any gun store without a background check. And the shotgun is not only more lethal, requires less training, and easily concealed, but also costs 1/4 as much! This, thankfully, is not a tactic utilized by criminals in Texas. Why? Because most criminals don't have the tactical know-how that I do. But they could do just that if they thought about it. So why is the law set up like that?

1 comment:

Laura said...

I very much enjoyed reading this being a gun owner. You make valid points. The laws that are being passed only make it harder for good people to buy guns. Like I've always said, criminals are criminals for a reason they will get a gun any way they can.

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