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"Faith is not a good reason to believe in any one thing. It's a bad reason to believe in everything. Faith is not synonymous with any one idea; it is synonymous with any strongly held idea, true or not. But one thing faith is not synonymous with is a logically justified idea."

March 18, 2010

Things We Should Do to Better America

-All CEO's of public companies (corporations) are limited to making only 10 times of the lowest paid worker's salary for their corporation.

-All Senators are restricted to making only 2 times the average salary for working residents of their state from the previous year.

-All Representatives are restricted to making only 2 times the average salary for working residents of their district from the previous year.

-All employees of public companies are entitled to an equal share of 50% of the companies stock and dividends for the duration of their employment. Employees have the same invested interest in a company's success as the company's stock holders, in some cases they have even more interest.

-All employee bonuses are limited to the same multiple restriction as their salary.

-All workers have a right to form a union no matter what the industry.

-Monetary donations to campaigns through lobbying by special interests groups is illegal and enforced the same as bribery.

-All monetary donations for campaigns are restricted to private donors and limited to 10% of the person's taxable income.

-All state legislative bodies are restricted to one house of representation. Too many states use a two house system like the Federal government, which is a waste of tax money and time within a state's closed system.

-All banks receiving bailout money from the government are required to give extensions to all overdue loans and mortgages. They use the American people's money, they can't take the American people's houses and cars.

-The government has the right to intervene in foreclosure and repossession issues in the interest of the people, not the loan agency. Banks make millions, even billions. They do not need the local law enforcement's aid to do their business, they have lawyers for that. The law enforcement is paid for by the people and in place to protect the people. That is exactly what they will do.

-Gun control legislation is done on the level of the Supreme Court. No one state will have a different, more liberal or conservative, opinion of the nation's citizen's right to own weapons. They have the right at the federal level, they are legislated at the federal level.

-Court Judges no longer have the right to confine people for contempt of court without the permission of the presiding DA (not the prosecution ADA) and the consent of that DA to prosecute the alleged with contempt. Contempt can no longer be accused for issues of disrespect or language. Only in cases of court disruption and safety. Due process at its best.

-All churches shown to be politically active or supporting political action are to be taxable from then on until the resignation of the head church official. You want to be a politically active church in a nation that does not tax you, too bad. You get taxed. You're a church, not CNN.

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