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"Faith is not a good reason to believe in any one thing. It's a bad reason to believe in everything. Faith is not synonymous with any one idea; it is synonymous with any strongly held idea, true or not. But one thing faith is not synonymous with is a logically justified idea."

March 17, 2010

Sex Ed and Abstinence Only Ed

The problem with sex education in the US public schools is this… Some Americans have a problem with sex, and some Americans have a problem with STDs, Rape, Teen Pregnancy, etc… Whose priorities are in the right order?

Teenagers having sex is about as American as apple pie. Who cares if teenagers have sex? They do it today, and they did it in your parent’s day too. Even when you tell them not to, they still do it. Hormones are a hard thing to say no to.
Trust me, if you ain't got hormones of your own, they’re hard to say no to. Teenagers are going to screw. The issue is how do we get them the right information via the right education to make sure they don’t ruin their lives. Some people think that teaching kids to not have sex till marriage will solve the problem. Of course, not having sex will solve sexually related issues. But out of all the kids in the US who have abstinence only educations, 90% say that besides intercourse, they are willing to perform other sexual acts in the mean time. This includes anal, oral and other forms of sexual contact. These spread disease too. They can result in injury as well. Telling kids not to put their privates into other kid’s privates does not solve the problem. Out of all the states that have abstinence only education, 60% of their students end up pregnant or infected with an STD before graduating high school. These states also have the highest percentage of high school drop outs. Out of those states that provide responsible sex education, only 15% of their students end up pregnant or infected before graduation.

Here’s a question… Why do kids buy this Abstinence Only crap?... From my experience, it’s because they’ve been told by both their abstinence teachers and their parents that sex is supposed to be special. That losing your virginity is supposed to be a magical night. Well, I only half agree. Sex, especially losing your virginity, and especially for women, is supposed to be special. Is it supposed to be magical?... Hell no. There are no fairies and unicorns by your bedside. There is no romantic music, no amount of flowers, no amount of lit candles that will ever make up for the awkwardness and pain that is usually experiences your first time.

Sex is special because it bonds two, or even three or more, people together. Sometimes physically, sometimes mentally. But sex is not magical. Stop fooling yourself. Stop holding out due to the hype.

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Rebecca The Strange said...

There comes a time as a parent when you have to face many of the facts that you have presented in your post. And the fact is, preaching "abstinence only" is never going to work.
I am so glad that I have an open line of communication with my teen-ager. Who do you want your kids getting info from? How can you not, as a responsible parent, discuss something as important as contraception with your teen?

Hopefully, your kids trust you enough to come to you for the truth. Sex Ed beings at home.

We have an agreement in our home, as follows:
"If you feel that you are responsible enough to be sexually active, then you need to be responsible about your health and avoiding pregnancy. If there are questions, or you need access to protection, please just talk to me! If you trust me, I promise to not freak out, and to tell you the truth."
I feel that my promise, will be far more effective in protecting my child than any "Abstinence Promise Ring".

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