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"Faith is not a good reason to believe in any one thing. It's a bad reason to believe in everything. Faith is not synonymous with any one idea; it is synonymous with any strongly held idea, true or not. But one thing faith is not synonymous with is a logically justified idea."

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From Theist Roman (Rhode Island):
"Cutt the crap! You're a muslim trying to make a mess for Christians, cause they rejected you, and the sheik's wife rejected a beer from you! You are a worthless FuddyDuddy, and 85lbs overweight, and never even performed a decent pushup let alone fired any weapon! What kind of BS are trying to pull? Get back to making that toilet clean enough for the Holy Virgin herself to feel honored to sit at that throne! No! No! You don't get the toilet brush! You finish scraping dung off that toilet with the original tooth brush administerred to you! Doesn't matter anyways, any answer you give is wrong, remember! show me a decent pushup fatso! Lets go, get over that wall! Oh! Boohoo! You want me to leave you alone so that you can remember who invented Penicillan? Or remember the name of the Mullah who taught you how to recognize a christian cause you hear him reciting the Our Father, or singing the Star Spangled Banner! Oohoo! I'm scared! Please put that rubber excuse for an AK-47 that you enjoy shoving up your ass down, and at least try to act like a man with some military bearing! Please, have a little polish, on those buttons! Oh, you forgot your boyscout, handkerchief, well we will give you an extra 2 minutes to find it and your buggle while Jethro here practices reciting the Apostle's Creed! Adios Cheech! Can't infect me with your lack of beliefs, and ya probably can't read either! Isn't texas where your boyfriend the psychiatrist got mad at the soldier who wouldn't give him oral sex anymore, and decided to take it out on the steers and queers in uniform? Ooo! Scary"
PS: Say hello to all the sandniggers for me!

From Theist Emily (Little Rock):
i read your talk about what atheists mean and your lyin cause atheists say theres no GOD and there is! GOD is the creator of the univers and without him you would not be on the internet talkin bout GOD! You need to be forced to go to church so you understand JESUS and he is the lord. I dont beleiv that you were a christan ever cause you dont know what christians know. To deny that GOD is real means there has to be a GOD to deny so he exists! My dad is the pastor at my church and he doesnt tell us to hate people! being gay is a sin and thats that! But my dad tells us to teach gays that they dont have to be gay! Is that hate? God hates them and we want to save them from being in hell! Atheist two cause they are goin to hell and you are goin to hell! You need to understand Jesus and his love for you! It does not matter what you say cause your wrong bout GOD! The proof that GOD is fake is made by satan to confus you and thats his lies! Stop talkin about my GOD like hes not real cause you dont have a right to say it in the USA cause this is GODS country! YOUR GOING TO HELL

From Theist Mike (Houston):
This is a Christian nation and our freedom of religion means we allow you to believe in any god you want but not in no gods. At the very least you should believe in Jesus so you don't go to Hell but you didn't even do that. I don't know what made you mad at God but it wasn't God. The Devil does the bad things and you should blame him and not God. All the bad things in the Bible were cause of the Devil and not God. If you ever read the Bible you would see that it says so. I don't know what it takes to make you believe in Jesus but you need to just do it so you don't go to Hell. I had a time where I was mad at God too when I was young but I got over it. My minister helped me and I bet you never even asked yours. You need to give up this hate you have for Christians and believe in Jesus. None of your points matter cause you don't even know the Bible well enought to comment. If you did know the Bible you couldn't say anything against it because there is nothing wrong with it. Scientists dont know where the world came from but the Bible tells us. Scientists lie about where we come from but the Bible proves them wrong. I bet you were raised a Christian by your parents but it didnt stick. I dont know why but do you really think your parents woud lie to you? Thats sick. I'm sorry but I spend my sundays learnig about how God loves me more than anything and you spend your sunday saying God is not real. I dont see how you can think that since they proved Jesus was real and he was the son of God. If you like science so much then why dont you read the books that say God is real? You only read the ones that say he isnt. If you continue like this then you will go to Hell and that is too bad. You fought for this country and I dont see why a atheist would fight for a Christian country. You need to save your soul and go to God and say you were wrong. Theres still time. If not then Hell awaits you. But for now I got to go feed my kids. They believe in Jesus because I teached them to and it stuck. A good parent doesnt let their kids be atheists.

From Atheist Kristan (Washington):
Good blog and great posts. I would hope though that you support freedom FROM religion as well as supporting freedom of religion. [Although] I understand what you are saying and that you DO support freedom FROM religion. (in all likelihood) Maybe I should have said that I always see the term "freedom OF religion" commonly, (like pick a religion, any religion, but you only get to choose one OF the religions) and for me it isn't clear enough that I should be allowed to be free FROM religion. I just thought that, for me, the phrase "freedom of" doesn't get to the point entirely for me. I believe people should have freedom from being emotionally blackmailed or compelled to have any religious beliefs, whatsoever. Semantics and splitting hairs on my part. Just ignore me. I think your blog is awesome!

From New Atheist Shawn (Salt Lake City):
The name of your blog is PERFECT! I love your description of the universe and how you tie it into the minute details of human life that god is supposed to care about. You have a talent for this and I just see good things coming from it!

From Atheist Candy (USA):
WOW! I LOVED IT! As you can see, I voted and added you to the blogs that I follow. I agree with you about moderate beliefs being hypocritical. nice work!

From Theist Roman...Again (Rhode Island):
Man, don't tell me You've been to Iraq and Afghanistan and you believe you have all your fingers and toes because you are so handsome, perty, and smart! Man, you telling me, that people come back from places in one piece and don't believe some one was there with them watching out for them! I call it a miracle, if you have been there and still have all your appendages! Even if you haven't been there, theres still a lot of people who have been there, and came back in wheelchairs that have a lot more faith in the Lord Almighty then you do! Work on that! you don't scare me! Guess the Core don't get theirs! I guess God loves Marines better then a lot of other people! Adios! you don't want to go and piss off your Drill Sergent and tell him that you don't believe in the Virgin herself do ya? You know you fail in Boyscouts if you have no faith, right? And your still perty boy with all his fingers and toes! Gee, even Lt Dan got to know how great a relationship with Jesus is! God even gave him that oriental woman to party with for the rest of his life instead of all the prostitutes, drugs and beer that were his friends instead of God! I hope find Jesus, and show Jesus that you are gungho before its too late son! God's will be done. Amen.

From Theist Amy (Kansas City):
I am a Christian and have been since I was a child. I had a few problems when I was younger with questioning my faith and my family and church helped me through it. But until I clicked on your blog when you posted it on my Christian facebook page, I had never heard the arguments you mentioned. I had problems with the existence of evil and why the Bible promotes bad things in the Old Testament. But I never thought of things the way you put them. I have alot of thinking to do. I wanted to thank you for your blog. Like you said about peoples beliefs, I really do care whether or not the things I believe are true. I thought Christianity was true but I never thought about it the way you do. I'm going to read the rest of your blog and email you again when I have questions. I'm alittle afraid because I'm now in my 30s and I have three kids. They are Christian too and I don't know what to tell them if I stop believing. I still believe now but what if I stop? Do you know anyone who has this problem? Please let me know. I want to believe true things for good reasons but I have kids that believe because I believe. I raised them to be Christian. Would they trust me if I told them I was wrong about what I thought was true and the most important aspect of our lives? I'm sorry, I 'm rambling on and on. I will leave you with this. If there is a God, I hope he understands your reasons for doubting him and sees the goodness in your heart. If there isn't then I can understand your position and I'd like to understand it enough to share it. Until next time I wish you the best of luck.

From Theist Drew (Georgia): (I don't  know what this is related to?)
It says in the bible not to talk to the dead or spirits. Because I believe that Satan can disguise himself as a spirit of the dead and possess you. I had a guy talk at my chapel who almost became the leader of all the wiccas in England and then became saved and dropped it all. He told many stories of demon possession even through ouigie boards and told stories of the evils of it. Yeah but ghosts can never harm you. You can only harm yourself! He told us a story of a young kid who used it and the spirit said that he was going to die by Monday before his dad returned home. The kid got so frightened by it that he shot himself before monday in order to die a qucik death not noticing that he had caused his own fate. There are many other ones too. I pray that the truth is revealed to you!

From Theist Jaymi (USA):
I would like to just address you Alexander when you said... "What sort of "benevolent" God is willing to forgive a child rapist and murderer as soon as he asks for forgiveness and yet will condemn anyone who doesn't believe for good reasons? He's not benevolent, he's a jealous vindictive God"... Well Listen To This!!!... A very long wicked life followed by 5 min. of grace gets you into heaven ...How in the world can you make such a claim, Alex? You are not God, in fact, you don't See or even know if you believe in Him...God said that their must be true repentance (complete change of heart and direction). As well as, we must be born again, which means that the Holy Spirit (who searches all things, including the intentions of the heart) must be living inside of you. "Don't be deceived, for God is not mocked, whatever a man sows, that is which he will also reap." Some will make it in, just barely by the proverbial hair of their chinny chin chin...The Bible says that when tried by fire some will enter in smelling like smoke....No rewards...You see everything we say and do is recorded and everyman will give an account for their life...So please, try not to speak for a perfect God...Perhaps you might consider focusing how not to end up in hell instead.

From Theist Roman... Again!!! (Rhode Island):
I read some of that Atheist crap, and you all line up with a bunch of vipers, that get to burn in hell, with the likes of Stalin, Hitler, and Putin smoking your Hashish pipes, and opium down there, in bed with eachother, crying Mommy, please dip your finger in water and drop it on our tongues! Please Mommy! Please! I am the Lord your God, you shall have no false Gods before, was not written by a man! Now, if you use to be christian as your crappy column reads, then you had a relationship with God and Jesus through the Holy Spirit, and you had hope! I did not make you some logical Brain Buster Jew wannabe, and God didn't either! So, if you remember what it felt like to have access to God's power and love through the Holy Spirit rather then a bunch of logic that never got crammed into Darwins Butthole properly like that Rubber AK-47 is crammed up yours, you probably want to rethink your poorly established footsteps away from faith, or realize that leading others to hell, is a bad idea, and a nasty sin! God has a greater faith in you Mr Alexander, then you can ever fathom, but everyday you lead someone down you crappy logic gateway, into Zeus's butthole, you pay for it just like the jews and other sinners have, by seeking forgiveness through Christ, and then recognizing the consequences for your behavior our to be expected logically speaking, and the forgiveness given to you by God through Jesus, is not logically expected! So logically speaking, you sin, you get to burn in hell for it! But what is not logical, Mr Spalk wannabe is that God still loves you and desires to have you in heaven with Him, and his Son, and therefore washed you clean of original sin through baptism, and does forgive you for your sins allowing you to join the heavenly Brady Bunch, even after having betrayed so many of your brothers and sisters, while hoping you would be the first to get in the gates of heaven with Mohammed and get the 40 virgins, but I hate to break it to, ya, that lands you in hell, and Jesus said that in heaven you have heavenly bodies, neither male nor female! So, logical or not, the truth no matter what way you put it is that 2+2=4, and God is your heavenly Father, like it or not, Mr Spalk (he means Mr.Spock from Star Trek) and your logic crap, and Athiesm comes from the AntiChrist, the Liar, who gets to burn for eternity, so you want to play the My Drill Sergent taught me to wash my hands after I pee role, you can but in hell your pee won't cool anybody off, so you better start making a better plan than believing in the Logic hocus pocus, and ask for forgiveness now, before you become the dog in bed with Satan, who treats your behind like its his vagina! Adios!

From Theist Amy... Again (Kansas City):
Thanks for your reply! I didn't think I'd get one. I understand what you're saying and your answers make a weird kind of sense. It's not everyday that I have to look into the things I have accepted as true, so please have patience. I fully understand and agree with what you said about there being a difference between reasons and excuses for a belief. I really like your site and I hope to learn as much as I can from it. I'm going to print out some of your arguments against Christians and take some of these issues to my minister. He's supposed to be a leader of the church and its followers so if he doesn't have good answers I don't think I should keep going. I don't always agree with what he teaches already. Like homosexuality, parenting and good/evil. So if he doesn't have answers for these issues I guess I shouldn't have been assuming he knows better just because he is the one in charge. There are ministers out there with alterior motives so I should not just assume mine doesn't. I should be able to test his knowlege on this and he should be willing to support his position. Especially if it will help save me from hell like  he believes. Also, thanks for the support on the kids issue. You're right, if they believed in Christianity in the first place just because I told them it was true then they can stop believing it when I say its not true. Especially if this time I have good reasons for it. I'm nowhere near giving up on religion just yet, but its important to me to know these things are true, and not just believe they are true. You've already given me alot  to work with. Thank you so much! :-)
PS- I loved your view of the universe! I never met anyone that can make petty insignificance sound so appealing. Thanks again!

From Theist Amy... My Favorite Reader! (Kansas City):
Hello again. First let me say thank you for taking time out of your day and your blog writing to talk to me about this. Okay, here it goes. Here's the gist of what happened when I spoke to my minister. He brought up the argument about atheists being immoral. I didn't want to push that subject because I already knew your response and I agree with you. I didn't want to make him go on a tangent about atheism when I was asking him about our faith. Then he said it's a matter of faith, which you already explained it illogical and now I agree. He told me that if I needed more than faith then science has proven that Jesus existed and there was a flood and that there is almost conclusive proof that God created life on earth. I asked him about this proof and he gave me pamplets. I read them all. They don't have much proof in them but they suggest a few websites. I'm going to look into those and come back with some questions. Have you heard of answers in genesis? I guess they're popular, but I don't know. Do you have any sites you can recommend were I can get responses to this stuff so I don't have to keep bothering you? I don't want to be be a burden if the rational responses are already listed somewhere else. Okay, well thanks!
Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on the Foxhole Atheist Blog do not necessarily represent those of Atheism or all Atheists, seeing as how Atheism has no tenets, dogma or doctrines. So Suck it!