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"Faith is not a good reason to believe in any one thing. It's a bad reason to believe in everything. Faith is not synonymous with any one idea; it is synonymous with any strongly held idea, true or not. But one thing faith is not synonymous with is a logically justified idea."

August 19, 2010

Recommended Private School Awareness Contract

 The government requires the signage of this public awareness contract before any child can legally attend any private school based on religious notions. Please, read the following lines carefully and initial each before signing.

___It has been explained to me that the school I wish for my child to attend has views and opinions that are in conflict with demonstrable reality.

___I understand that my child's ability to attend this institution is directly based on their mutual agreement with one or more of the following characteristics the institution reveres: Religion, Race, Politics, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Human Rights, Civil Rights, Ethics, Morals and Subjective Rationalization.

___I understand that my child's ability to attend this institution based on the previously mentioned qualifications is vastly different from the secular public school system set up by my government using my acquired taxes where there is no and can be none of the previous qualifications.

___I understand that my child's ability to attend this school is based on my ability to pay or my child's ability to achieve and maintain a scholarship, which is vastly different from the secular public school system set in place by my government in which no payment is necessary and all children are welcome regardless of race, language, ethnicity, gender or religious preference.

___I understand that my child will be required to delegate their opinions to those of the school, and that my values and opinions as a parent will not take priority over those of the school for as long as my child attends this institution.

___I understand that the very existence of this religious institution is owed to the secular government which the school may consider to be inferior, even though it has chosen to recognize the people's right to belief, regardless of evidence.

___I understand that as a private institution this school is foremost a machine of profit, vastly different from the secular public school system which has been designed as a machine of results. And that the subjects studied at this school may be in part or in whole based on ideas and opinions of a subjective or conceptual nature, unlike the secular public schools which base their studies on demonstrable evidence and historical facts.

Student's Full Name:_________________________ Date:___________
Parent's Full Name:__________________________________________


1 comment:

Alan Vampa said...

Some great points here, and I agree with everything. I'd take that first bullet point and put it at the end though, I think it's a better ending than a beginning! Great stuff.

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