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"Faith is not a good reason to believe in any one thing. It's a bad reason to believe in everything. Faith is not synonymous with any one idea; it is synonymous with any strongly held idea, true or not. But one thing faith is not synonymous with is a logically justified idea."

June 28, 2010

Don't Make Fun of Jesus!

Today I posted a picture on my Facebook page. It sparked two separate situations. First I learned that my girlfriend was deleted by a few of her friends for the very fact that the picture existed. It was quite clear to anyone with half a brain that she did not post the picture, but that someone else had. I guess when it comes to personal offense it doesn't matter if you aim your aggression in the right direction, so long as you can still feel vindicated in the end.

The second situation is a private message I received from the friend of a friend. I have posted it below...

Christian: ur mesed up dude

Me: How's that?

Christian: u pic about jesus.. i respect ur belifs but not wen u make them public

Me: Oh, so you respect my beliefs so long as I don't speak about them? Well that's funny because you're Catholic (according to your profile) and if anyone is outspoken about their personal beliefs it's the Vatican. So maybe you should shut up too? The fact of the matter is this... Religious freedom means we all have the right to believe what we want. Not because it's true or smart to believe in some things, but because it's impossible to enforce beliefs. No one can make you believe something, they can only force you to conform to it's rules. Religious freedom also means that we all have the right to express our views openly and publicly, no matter who doesn't agree with them. You don't agree with me because you think Jesus died for you sins. I don't agree with you because I think you're a delusional moron. You can wave your cross in public all you want, and I can post pictures making fun of your savior all day long. Who is allowed to speak in public about their beliefs is not what should be discussed. What should be discussed is whose beliefs are more likely true, and whose beliefs reflect reality best. In that case, I win. You lose. So you can keep on believing in the invisible man in the sky who loves you unconditionally; unless you're gay, Muslim, atheist, a blasphemer, cum on the floor, work on Sunday, and any other number of unforgivable sins... Me, I'm going to keep exercising my freedom to make your religious beliefs look as stupid as they sound.

It's obvious I didn't give him an inch to work with. I wanted to squash this conversation quickly. I'm tired of people coming to me and telling me how offended they are at anything I say. I do not care. Offense is something you take. It's not something that can be given. If you dislike something, argue against it. If you can't argue against it, take a breather and reconsider your beliefs. That's what a smart person does. They don't continue to persist in delusions.

When are we going to admit that it's not just the Muslims who come after you when you post pictures of the prophet. When you post negative pictures about Jesus, the Christians will come after you just the same. I've received death threats before. I'm not scared of them, but I would be willing to bet that if they truly had the chance, there are some Christians who would actually end my life to make themselves feel vindicated. It's happened before to many other people. Why not? Christians, even the modern ones, have as much blood on their hands in the name of God as do the Muslims in the name of Allah.


Ana Hernandez said...

good for you! Love your response.

Gordon W F Young said...

Solid mate. Solid. Love your work.

The Acidic Skeptic said...

Well said!

Morgan said...

"Offense is something you take. It's not something that can be given." Brilliant! This is the way I live my life. Only deliberate stupidity pisses me off enough to be "offensive".

HELEN said...

You motherfuckers, you son of a bitches you are just ignornt puppys way out of line. Sence the beginning of time we have had god implemented in out brains. We worshiped him as intended , just like a sheep dog knows to bite the sheep we had it in us from day one. We must all follow the greatest sign, which calls for all the religions to colide to make one whole, ”The greatest sign”. We must fight back against people who belive there to smart to belive in a dumbed down version of the truth but if give a greater truith they could`nt even comprehend it.


HELEN said...

My name is not helen Im not a girl

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